This video game contains fast flashing images. It may cause discomfort and trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. User discretion is advised.


This is a remake of the ca. 2006 game HÆMBOT in the Godot game engine.

Use the keyboard or Xbox360-compatible controller to shoot and dodge the enemies. Touchscreen input is not supported.

  • Move: Arrow keys, WASD, d-pad or left stick
  • Shoot: Space, Enter, left mouse button or gamepad A button

The HTML5 version requires a modern web browser with WebGL and WebAssembly support.

  • Pale Moon users must enable javascript.options.wasm (but not baselinejit) in about:config.


  1. Level 1 midi "Mongostyg" by Oddwarg
  2. Boss midi "Doomsday Zone" by John Weeks
  3. Level 2 midi "Bubblemid5" by Gileo.fun@cyberdude.com
  4. Level 3 midi "Mystic Mansion (Spooky Remix)" by Lord Luke
  5. Final Boss midi "Final Boss" by John Weeks
  6. Trondsangen by Oddwarg


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Haembot.x86_64.tar.gz 21 MB
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Source code for Godot v3.2.1 6 MB

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