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Hey, I really loved this game, was one of my favorites this year! I drew a tiny little fanart for it, thought you might like to see it.


Your art is lovely, thank you :)

I am happy that you enjoyed my game.

Best game we played in 2022, alongside with sonic frontiers, we couldn't pick one so they both get the number one spot.


i just started earlier today and haven’t completed the game yet, but i’d like to say this is very fun so far! movement feels good, and you’ve bested the AAAs in making a 3D camera that doesn’t suck

i’d especially like to thank you for making the source available — i spent a few hours getting a mac version working, and it was well worth the effort

Amazing game I just finished with the hard mode enabled (For basically all). Such good movement mechanics, interactions using said mechanic, bosses, & challenges. I recommend giving it a shot Its amazing!! <3 Lots of love seemingly put into it. Does a lot overall pretty good to extremely quite AMAZING!! <3 <3 <3

Once you start getting the hang of it with its indepth but well introduced mechanics it really pushes a movement system that is quite unique. Its kinda like a mix of plane / glider (limited but regerative propulsion) game but a platformer, (Give it a chance it will just might take a bit or some thoughts to click / develop) 

! Momentum is used to great effect in the usage of flight. Speed feels good and slowing feels reactive / after a tad bit natural (You need to pay attention to slowing / turning well), does be a bit light mainly on the ground lots of thoughts towards momentum and strategy with the movement goes a great way to acomplishing your goals. Recovery from slow speeds and use of walls is quite satisfying and used to great effect wth some challenges.

Lots of intresting engaging gameplay, well paced light but intriguing story,finding your tutorials through out post the basics is also a nice way of pace info. pretty decent system of collects, & many unique boss fights putting your wits and some creativity to a test.

Those reading, give it a shot if your intrigued. Keep it in mind if your busy. Quite a nice set of expierences. 

Many Kudos Kudos Kudos To you all! <3 <3 <3

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

7-11-2022 1:41am

I was very pleased with this game, an interesting plot and very cool gameplay, I want to thank you very much, everything is done quite conveniently, the more you can set it up as you need, the game reminds me of Spyro, I had almost the same feeling, I think this is a separate plus, I really hope that you will release something like that, despite the fact that the game at some points lags it is not critical at all, it's still very nice to play. Especially here the characters are in the style of MLP, which is even more fun. 

Once again, thank you very much! I'll be waiting for your next projects!


To anyone using a Switch Pro controller to play this game on Windows, be sure to go into joy.cpl/Game Controllers on Windows and calibrate your joysticks. Had an issue where the axis was only going 80% of the way on the movement end and couldn't cross gaps in-game due to this issue.

Also I had the controller calibrated through steam but this game doesn't recognize the controller if you enable "Switch Pro Controller support". This is a factor regardless of having the game running through steam with its overlay.

As for other workaround for Switch Pro Controller users, I had to do manually binding for many of the controls for confort but for skins, 1 that I find matches up well enough is the "Rockfire PSX-USB Bridge" icon skin.


I truly don't think I'll ever find a game with such good flight mechanics. It kind of ruined all other games with winged-characters for me, tbh! Now I'm just disappointed when I don't need to build momentum or adjust my wing angle lol

Very good game, very fun mechanics, you can just run around and fly for hours and be entertained. The puzzles are fun and unique.

Absolutely incredible game, feels and may look like a spyro game, but it has it's own tricks up it's sleeves to make it genuinely original

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This seriously was so fantastic. Absolutely amazing flight and movement mechanics that feel super satisfying. They're challenging at the start but you really get used to the nuances of it all and it just feels GREAT. The world is fun to explore and the choice of having the majority of the narrative in a foreign language added to the mysterious feeling of the game. And you still got the gist of things, especially at the end. Great final boss fight. Loved the variety in the level designs. Hooray for the Collectible Radar as well, I always appreciate when a game helps you along with that. Honestly, this was absolutely brilliant and a very pleasant surprise! More people should talk about this game!


<3 <3 <3 THIS IS AMAZING!!! <3 <3 <3


It's awesome !!!! there's so much depth to the flying and movement mechanics it's incredible ! the level design is super varied and unique and the game looks pretty good !

Overall it's a very enjoyable experience and I can see there was a lot of love and effort put into this game, I enjoyed it a lot and I definitely recommend other people to try it out


This game is great! I loved the movement mechanics and the characters are so cute <3

I am having trouble streaming this game over discord. When i try to do so FPS drops from 110-120 to 10-18(and sometimes 0) and if i get into action or decide to alt-tab it just crashes.

Error Log:

Error(s) in Sulphur Nimbus:

System info:

Java version: 1.8.0_281

OS name: Windows 10

OS architecture: amd64

Number of cores: 8

Free memory: 378975152

Maximum memory: 1037959168

Assertions are [off]

Application args: {}

Release: 121 - 28.08.2021 14:22:17,48

GL Version 4.6.0 NVIDIA 462.80

GPU Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation

GPU Name: GeForce GTX 1050/PCIe/SSE2

GLSL version: 4.60 NVIDIA

com.jogamp.opengl.GLException: Thread[AwesomeAnimator-Thread,6,main] glGetError() returned the following error codes after a call to glViewport(<int> 0x0, <int> 0x0, <int> 0x500, <int> 0x2D0): GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY ( 1285 0x505), 

at com.jogamp.opengl.DebugGL4bc.writeGLError(

at com.jogamp.opengl.DebugGL4bc.glViewport(

at main.Scene.render(

at main.GameStateManager.display(

at jogamp.opengl.GLDrawableHelper.displayImpl(

at jogamp.opengl.GLDrawableHelper.display(

at jogamp.opengl.GLAutoDrawableBase$

at jogamp.opengl.GLDrawableHelper.invokeGLImpl(

at jogamp.opengl.GLDrawableHelper.invokeGL(

at com.jogamp.newt.opengl.GLWindow.display(

at main.AwesomeAnimator$

(1 edit) (+1)

I did fiddle around with settings to make it work better. Like enabling 16 bit integers and display lists which DID improve perfomance to barely playable. But if I don't stream I of course can get to 120 fps

(1 edit) (+1)


The Discord window capture hook is known to cause a serious memory leak which will eventually crash the game regardless of settings. Unfortunately this is not something I can fix on my end, however you have a few options:

1. Change your Discord capture mode to Display Capture instead of Window Capture.

2. Use Discord for Google Chrome.

3. Use any other screen capture software, such as OBS.


Display Capture worked 
Thank you for the relatively quick reply

No problem, happy it helped


LOL Suddenly got warped to outer during boss battle after getting hit.


Thanks for the report. I was not able to get this to happen normally, but it has nevertheless been fixed in the latest release.


Find the game in 2016 called ProjectRD. Game about little Dash learning to fly with her dad. I really liked the flight mechanic. Then digging into the game files, a different maps has been founded. Castle map was strange, but even stranger that you playing as Twilight Sparkle alicorn. I flight across the map, collect blobs, fighting weird but awesome design monsters. Great game, really liked it.

Some time later i hear about Sulphyr Nimbus, download demo and play it. It was the same game i played before, but with new cute character.
And now the game is fully finished i want to say: that project is absolutely awesome, greatest game with mlp reference. The plot is also great with notes of sadness. OST is nice to listen.
Thank you for not abandoning the project, and thank you for all the great games you made.

Successfully ran the game with ReShade and the famous R[P]TGI shader as well as some other filters.However GI only provide a bit beauty only indoors.

The inbuilt sssao need to be disabled or will freeze the game.

If anyone want to try it too,remember to disable the "framebuffer objects" settings,or depthbuffer will be blank and RTGI will not work on this case

(1 edit)

Can you enable the nvidia optimus dGPU opt-in said in this url

Intel internal gpu is not enough to handle the game with all graphic set to maximum.

It's also not true to set the java binary always use dGPU.Pls add the trick so Laptop players with dual graphic card can happy.


UPDATE: I built the game myself with your source code so I don't know if such solution is already in the launcher.I saw your game entirely written in java which is a bit hard to implement such trick.

The dGPU opt-in you are referring to is already implemented in the official release for 64-bit Windows.

Unfortunately, there is no way to enable this feature from pure Java code. To overcome this, the official release uses the Groan Autodeployer, which is an executable wrapper that is able to enable the switch in native code before starting the Java Virtual Machine. The Groan Autodeployer is available on my SourceForge profile if you want to set this up yourself. But, the documentation and configuration is not very user friendly and please understand I do not offer technical support for this.

There are other Java executable wrappers you can try which have better documentation. I have never seen one that has the dGPU opt-in, but they do play nicer with Nvidia Optimus (e.g. you can configure the executable separately in the Nvidia control panel, or if you have a somewhat recent driver you can right click on the executable to select the GPU).

Without creating a native executable I think the only way to use the dGPU is to set the java executable itself to use the dGPU in the Nvidia control panel. In my experience this will work if you select the correct version of the executable, but I understand it's not a very nice solution.

Thanks for your explaination. I have also succesfully run the game with dGPU using the method in that aritcle.


I finished this game recently and I have to say, it's really good. Gameplay, level design, and the boss fights were especially solid.

But I'm wondering, is there any reason to do the Jackal level near the endpoint of the game? Just curious if I missed anything.


It's there for people who want an extra challenge. It contains some collectibles, but unless you are a completionist it is entirely optional and that is the idea.


Ok, thanks. Wondered if it might have led to a secret ending or something.


I loved it, it has a lot of unique and good ideas. The fact that almost all the elements in it are only used one or two times and not reused many many times is excellent. You don't get the feeling of "oh this again?". Music great and as with all elements its not reused anywhere. The flying mechanism's balance of "you can control this many things" and the limited amount/limited ways of inputs (eg mouse + keyboard) are done well, I only had trouble a few times (eg landing on the walls sideways, rolling is not needed at all, etc).

And wow its long if you want to do it 100%. And in a good "wow" way.

To say something negative: replayability is basically nonexistent besides "collect everything". I don't think the language barrier added anything. The main menu looks great on a 5" screen but on a 27" monitor its bad but great again on a 65" tv (relative element size is too large on a normal desktop monitor as you sit "close" to it).

If you ever plan to do a "chapter 2" I'll sure buy that too.

Hi!  I love the game, and if you're still doing updates I have a minor bug to report.

It seems like the 64-bit Windows version isn't set to be DPI-aware, so the system-wide text scaling options mess with the resolution of the game, even making the game render improperly in fullscreen (part of the game is cut off, because it's rendering too large).  The workaround for proper resolution is right clicking the Sulphur Nimbus exe and going "Properties->Compatibility->Change High DPI Settings->Scaling Performed by Application".

This should be fixed in release 118, although I haven't had the opportunity to test it on an actual high-DPI Windows 10 computer.

Awesome!  It looks good on Windows!

Hey! Have you considered adding Sulphur Nimbus to the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality? (

(There's a day and a few hours left as of this posting, new games get added retroactively)

It'll get more people to hear about it and you could join in the cool dudes doing a cool thing ^_^

Thanks, I was not aware anyone could join. Looks like I'm too late for them to add the game, but I asked them to add me to the collection of supporters.


Just finished the game, had a decent amount of length to it and I absolutely adored all of it.

The physics of flying are so smooth and fun. Even though it can be hard to complete certain challenges, I always felt like my failures were my own. It's all very consistent and solid, both on the ground and in the air.

The atmosphere is wonderful as well. Throughout my time playing I always had this sense of wonder, unsure of what I would see next, thinking about what all these strange words and pictures might mean.

I love the visual style and characters too, and the way they're animated is impressive and extremely convincing (and often adorable as well of course). The music is also great, so wild and varied!~

I could really go on and on about everything I liked, instead I'll just say my only disappointment is that I still want more ;P


Surprisingly a fun and charming game! The momentum based flying was enjoyable to gradually improve on throughout, even as I stubbornly tackle hard mode from the start. Freely exploring the island was nice, and the story and music were great. Also those tutorial sequences were cute with him picking you up. Thank you for making this game!


This looks really amazing. Are you planning more games like this? Maybe even include more species like draconie. (They are a mix of dragon and pony. Not revelant to the show but still they are amazing)

(1 edit)

Not exactly planning on making more games like this, but if the game ever gets something like a modding community maybe you'll get to see something like what you're imagining.

Release 110 has the game crash on startup for me.

Replacing jogl-all.jar with the version in Release 109 fixed the crash.

com.jogamp.opengl.GLException: Profile GL2 is not available on X11GraphicsDevice[type .x11, connection :99.0, unitID 0, handle 0x0, owner false, ResourceToolkitLock[obj 0x2aa6eebd, isOwner false, <1d87c41b, 4faed7ee>[count 0, qsz 0, owner <NULL>]]], but: [GLProfile[GLES1/GLES1.hw], GLProfile[GLES2/GLES3.hw], GLProfile[GL2ES1/GLES1.hw], GLProfile[GL4ES3/GL4.hw], GLProfile[GL2ES2/GL4.hw], GLProfile[GL4/GL4.hw], GLProfile[GLES3/GLES3.hw], GLProfile[GL4/GL4.hw], GLProfile[GL3/GL4.hw], GLProfile[GL2GL3/GL4.hw]]
    at com.jogamp.opengl.GLProfile.get(
    at main.Main$
    at java.awt.event.InvocationEvent.dispatch(
    at java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEventImpl(
    at java.awt.EventQueue.access$500(
    at java.awt.EventQueue$
    at java.awt.EventQueue$
    at Method)
    at java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEvent(
    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpOneEventForFilters(
    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForFilter(
    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForHierarchy(
    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(
    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(

Hi, sorry about that. If you could provide the full, uncropped error log (including the header) that would be very helpful. Also, please contact me via the discord server or send me an email at if you can.

Me and ntfwc found a possible fix, if you could try this version and let me know the results that would be great.

Thank you, that build does resolve the issue.

(1 edit)

If you have the time, could you verify that the issue has not resurfaced in the latest version? (112)

Sorry for not noticing your question until now. The issue has not resurfaced in the latest version (113).

That's good, thanks for letting me know.

Encountered a nasty bug.

  1. Play through the Ice Caves after beating it once.
  2. Begin the cutscene with the lift.
  3. Enter the black hole instead of exiting the Ice Caves.
  4. Hit the crystal in the level to exit the Ice Caves.

You can now play the game while you are still in the cutscene. Upon manually exiting the cutscene, any progress made while within the cutscene is lost.

This bug has been fixed, thanks for the report.

You have wrong tagging here, i believe..

The Mozilla Public License & Open-source tag is reserved for games that freely share their source (assets, code)..

The source code is published under the MPL 2.0. You will find the link to the freely available source code if you read the game description. This link can also be found under More information > Links > Source code. 

Oh, i see now, sometimes i write things that i didn't well-thought before..

I wonder though, why is the build paid, when the SRC is free, and doesn't it technically give a permission for anyone to rebuild and share it ?

(1 edit) (+1)

I sell the builds because money helps me to live. I've released the source code because I believe it's the right thing to do.

If you have the knowledge required to compile the game, then you can currently obtain a complete copy of the game for free. However, regarding the legality of redistribution: The source code is MPL, but the assets (e.g. the 'res' directory) are, at the time of writing, all rights reserved. This is in part because there are certain assets that I do not own and whose licenses are incompatible with the MPL. You have every right granted by the MPL for all forms of the code, but redistributing a copy and including the assets is, at best, on very shaky legal ground.

That said, I have no intention of fighting redistribution as long as it's not done in extremely bad faith, such as publishing a complete copy on a digital game storefront, or claiming that you made the game. Giving a copy to your friends is fine (and reusing any and all parts of my code is fine), but please encourage anyone who enjoys my work to consider buying the game to support me.

Code and assets being different licenses is not uncommon practice, and it is reflected in the Metadata. Commercial open source games also not unprecedented, although they are relatively rare. This article contains some examples that follow a similar model:


I'm bit late, but congratulations on the release. I'm going to finally play it and I'm excited to see what the full game is like.

minor bug: If you fly fast enough, you can get the plains battle blob before getting 200 blobs

Fixed in the latest update, thanks for the report.


Flying is nice.

(1 edit)

Minor bug to report. On my second playthrough with the translator enabled, the entire conversation with Melinda when she winches you up on the ice elevator doesn't want to trigger. I've reloaded the previous auto-save a couple times, and she still remains silent the entire time the elevator goes up, whereas she was a regular chatterbox for my first playthrough, I just had no idea what she was saying.Maybe I'm mis-remembering, but I thought that was the point she kept chattering on about the elevator taking awhile, and her having to manually do it herself, ect.

It is working as intended, I have double checked this. She won't say anything if you do the ice level as your sixth star, because at this point in the story she has other things on her mind. If you want to see the text, either do the ice level earlier or do finish another level first.

Gotcha. I'll try that.

(9 edits) (+5)

Now, this might not have anything to do with the country Oddwarg was born in, but for some reason a majority of this game(ESPECIALLY the underground rooms of the castle and bosses) reminds me of the Nine Lands of Scandinavian mythology.

The two rooms in the first basement, as well as the rest of the island; feels similar to Midgard, the human realm. The castle itself feels akin to the Aesir's domain, Asgard. The ravine is akin to the Vanir's world, Vanaheim. The Hydroelectric power/pumping station feels like the realm of the mountain giants; Jotunheim(Maybe it has to do with the propeller creature you encounter at the end of it, but I dunno), and the lava cave level feels similar to the realm of the fire trolls; Muspelheim. The air pump level reminds me of the light elves' realm of Alfheim(presumably because it leads to the inside of a great tree after) and the weapons factory reminds me of the domain the dark elves and dwarves share; Svartalheim. As for the ice cave level? you can pretty much see quite a few parallels to Niflheim, the realm of mist and cold. But then, that just leaves the chasm level. I fail to find a more fitting world for THAT level than the one that can only house the dead; the notorious Helheim. This final choice is especially fitting when not only the name "Hel" is in the title, but is also part of the game's story as well.

Then again, hey; that's just a theory. ...A GAME THEORY! (I'm so sorry. Had to do the reference.)

(22 edits) (+3)

I've followed the game since the first demo came out and been excited to try out the full version since then. By now I've finished the game and made sure it was 100%. 

I must say I had a blast, the flight mechanics certainly takes some time getting used to given how realistic as possible it's been made, but you can pull off complex maneuvers to get through certain places with enough training. Once you nail it down, you won't hesitate to do tricks on your own.

The levels aren't too difficult to navigate or complete, some are easy and others are challenging. They're pretty linear so you know where to go and what to do and I love the soundtrack, they're all catchy and diverse so you won't hear the same or similar soundtrack between each area. 

The combat is very reactive and a bit difficult but I enjoyed it nevertheless, just the animation of attacks are cool to look at. All the enemies and bosses require learning their attack patterns and when to strike.

Wish there were more endings, it is what it is. Looking forward for more updates if there'll be any. The game was very enjoyable and worth the money spent!

I'm also hoping there's going to be an extra area where you can spawn/fight regular enemies to hone your skill! The boss room is a nice touch but I'd like that too, considering all the enemies you defeat will be gone from the game world permanently unless you restart or revert your save.

It's hard to imagine what it's like for one man to pursue his dreams and make a game from scratch. The art style, the characters, the soundtrack. It's a lot of work and many in his place would had given up on their project, especially fan games. Oddwarg is one person with years of experience as a game developer and he delivers it with help of backers and supporters.


Yeah, so I've been playing this for a few hours now.

Using an Xbox controller, the camera does feel like it's making tight close combat harder, but, that's pretty much the only thing that actually bothered me much. The other mechanics, when understood, lead to some awesome flying. I actually didn't do many of the underground levels yet - just flying around the isle and exploring is really enjoyable. Dogfighting the moving targets over mountains and between obstacles, fighting some random things on the icy mountain, trying to speed into the spikey eyes on ground.. Man, that was a lot of fun.

Reading the answers below, maybe it's a bit cheating then being from the Nordics and understand what Melinda (?) is saying, but meh, it's fun.

Finally, since you asked for bug reports directly in the comments, uh, the... thing behind Toiletman (or something such) has weird collision, or rather, barely any collision. Beakface just floats above it in an infinite fall. It's weird.

This thing between the two doors. It collides ... weirdly.

Anyway, that was well worth the wait, thanks Oddwarg for delivering!


There we go, end. Yeah, that was a satisfying end. Both the last underground level as well as the final boss.

Thanks Oddwarg for a great experience, from learning the basics of flying - and getting adorable "saviour" pictures when you fail, to puzzles, to platforming, to chilling out with great music, and finally to awesome highspeed tunneling and fighting, leading up to a good ending.

This was a blast. Well worth the wait. Heck, now I regret I didn't get the USB tier back then. Heh, well, again, thanks for a great game. Loved looking for hidden energy orbs.

(1 edit)

Glad to hear you enjoyed the game! I have improved the collision model for the drawbridge winch in the latest update.


Oh, of course, that's what it is! Yup, collision much more functional in latest patch. You work fast, man.

And I might have spent a bit too much time today killing several disguises over and over, using said drawbridge, just to see their end screens. There sure is a ton of small details to explore in this game. 


Great game I've been waiting for a long time. I really recommend playing if you like momentum based movement, experiencing freedom of flight and mysterous atmosphere. All enemy encounters are unique and very creative and as you progress they get more and more epic. I'm in the middle of my second playthrough and I've decided to complete everything 100% and found there are many secrets in the world. What I've enjoyed the most are the flying mechanics. Even though I've had some problems during tutorial, after spending some time in the game world I've found myself zooming everywhere through all levels and rarely touching the ground. Flying became very comfortable and when you combine it with all the jumping and running on walls you can get anywhere with style. This nice learning curve makes my first steps I took in the game as Sulphur look like babybird flailing around :) Again, great game and I'll definitely complete it.

(1 edit) (+3)

I just finished the game last night. It was quite an awesome experience! By far the best quadruped flight simulator I've ever seen, and I loved the puzzles and flight obstacle courses! Combat does feel a little clunky at times, but didn't detract from the overall experience, and considering the small dev team, it still performs rather well. I do wish I could have understood more of what the characters on the island said,(95% of dialog being Norwegian as far as I could tell?), but I think I understood what you were going for as far as Sulphur being stranded in a strange land and not being able to understand anyone. The little I could translate (when dialog paused long enough for me to type it out) did add to my understanding of what was going on significantly, but it just leaves me wondering what all I missed in the rest of the conversation. Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable adventure game with a bit of mystery and intrigue, and I'd happily play any future games that were so well polished!

(1 edit)

You unlock the "translator" after the credits (if you closed the game during the credits, load the ending checkpoint and skip the cutscene), so you can learn what they were saying if you ever decide to play it again.

The translator is added to your documents when you start a new game.

(Also, thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it)

I hadn't noticed that, thanks for the tip! That'll probably be worth another play-through in and of itself!


I just finished my playthrough and what a great game.  I get some great Soul Reaver nostalgia off it with the mix of platforming, puzzles and combat and most importantly the flight controls are fantastic.  It's been well worth the wait so thank you!

(2 edits)

Hi. Where can I submit a bug report? I just noticed that the default controls swap the Movement X and Y axes on game controllers, which makes for all kinds of weird movement. I fixed it manually but you might want to patch it. Thanks.

I will fix this right away.

Thanks! That was quick!


Aw ye, time to horsebirb!

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