Freezes on Intel 600 series graphics (Kaby Lake)

There has been a statistically significant number of reports of the freezes on Windows systems that use old drivers for Intel Kaby Lake graphics processors (Intel HD/UHD 620 and 630 in particular). The symptom is that the game freezes every time you reach a particular location.

The problem is fixed in the latest Intel Graphics Drivers. If you are experiencing this problem, please try to update your driver.

Intel has information on how to update your graphics driver on Windows here:
Unfortunately, some laptops come with software that prevents Intel's installers from running. If this happens to you, you can try the manual installation method described in the above article.

Alternatively, if your laptop contains a high performance (e.g. AMD or Nvidia) graphics processing unit (GPU), then you can configure your system to use the high performance GPU instead of the Intel GPU when running the game. This will also solve the problem, and a guide for this can be found here:
Please use "Sulphur Nimbus.exe" (and not the x86 version) for this.
Also note: Configuring this manually is only necessary for systems that are stuck with old drivers. Updated drivers will automatically run "Sulphur Nimbus.exe" using the high performance GPU.

If  this problem affects you, and you are having trouble fixing it, please consider asking for help on the Discord server.

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